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Because even the greatest mountaineers have to recharge sometimes, because nature lovers still want to relax and unwind in the evening, because even the sportiest of all explorers need moments of peace and quiet, the wellness area at Parc Hotel Tyrol offers pure relaxation – but without having to tear your gaze away from the views outside.

The fragrance of wood and meadow herbs. Mist heavy with moisture. A faint gurgling – that's all. Focus on yourself and feel the gentle warmth. Our wellness area is for relaxing and unwinding in, but will refresh you, too.

Warm up from inside in the comforting heat of the sauna, breathe in the heady aroma of the refreshing herbal infusions. Internalise the events of the day – breathe out your worries and let go. A sweat yourself well in the relaxing environment of the sauna. That's what they are for. Organic for nature lovers. Finnish to sweat it out in traditional style. A steam bath for the respiratory passages and the skin. Only for yourself.

Kick-starting your body and yourself
Beads of sweat run down your face, already your body feels lighter somehow. You can make demands on your muscles on the right machines one last time in the fitness room – and then relax them in the sauna next door.

Immersion in pure freshness
When you have warmed up your heart and soul, when you can feel the heat of the sauna throughout your body, then it's time for a refreshing dip. Plunging into the blue waters of the pool like a dolphin – surrendering to the rhythm of the water. An involuntary smile comes to your face as the beads of water slide off your skin … in summer beneath the sun's rays in the outdoor pool, in winter in the cosy warmth of the indoor pool. And then, when you've really been woken up from inside out, then you can relax again, floating weightlessly in the whirlpool. Feel the release, feel well(ness).