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Finnish Sauna

Arolla pine fragrance and warmth to calm you down. Our Finnish sauna relaxes body and soul at temperatures of 80° to 90° C. Let your eyes gaze through the large window, glide out into the twilight, float over the roofs of Kastelruth and rest on the black silhouettes of the mountains. Visits to the Finnish sauna do not only promote an increased sense of wellbeing, but boost the immune system, too. An innervating and fragrant infusion automatically takes place every 10 minutes.

Bio Sauna

The bio sauna receives visitors to aromas of fresh maple wood. At a pleasant 65 degrees, you can sweat away your cares amidst straightforward, bright wooden panelling. Our bio sauna renews your zest for life. 

Steam Sauna

The beneficial effect of a steam-filled room. When wafts of mist envelop body and soul, it is easy to just let yourself flop. At a pleasant temperature of 45 degrees, with even higher air humidity, Parc Hotel Tyrol's steam sauna promotes a natural cleansing process that is not only visible in the form of pleasantly soft, smooth skin - white mist and gentle aromas have a particularly beneficial effect on the respiratory passages, too. Eucalyptus, orange, meadow flower – a fragrant, mistfilled room that is good for you.

Our sauna is open daily from 4.00 pm to 6.30 pm