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Enjoy & Savour

In the mood for some palate pleasures?

The cuisine of the Parc Hotel Tyrol reflects the philosophy of the house. It is deeply rooted in tradition, yet also merges South Tyrolean with Italian cuisine. The ingredients are often sourced from the region and are processed with great love and care.
The menu features classic South Tyrolean dishes such as mezzelune, fluffy Kaiserschmarrn, and savoury Speckknödel, as well as Italian ones like pasta, risotto, fish dishes, and pizza. There is truly something for every taste.

For a perfect culinary ending to a perfect vacation day.

Appetizer plate with olives, feta, and tomatoes
gedeckter Tisch Speisesaal

Culinary Discoveries

A treat for the palate, a feast for the eyes: every night, our head chef and his team conjure up a varied dinner that indulges your senses.
Experience the diversity of our salad buffet and wax enthusiastic over an exclusive four-course menu, where you can choose from various sophisticated dishes for the main course.
Our wine cellar offers an excellent selection from a light South Tyrolean Schiava to a full-bodied Lagrein. Hotel manager and wine connoisseur Günther will be happy to advise you in finding the perfect wine to go with your meal.


Healthy and Tasty

Starting the day full of vitality and motivation without compromising on taste? We believe that’s possible. Begin your day with our breakfast buffet, which comes with a glass of sparkling prosecco on Sundays. At the Parc Hotel Tyrol, taste adventures and atmosphere merge into a culinary delight.

Italian-Style Aperitif

It’s Apero Time

For us, “Aperitivo” means ending the day on a comfortable note, getting into the evening vibe, and simply forgetting time. Let yourself be inspired by a selection of exquisite aperitifs in our stylish hotel bar. Enjoy classic cocktails, innovative creations, and local specialties in a relaxed atmosphere.
Whether you prefer an Aperol spritz—known in these parts as a “Veneziano”—or a fine prosecco, our bar offers the ideal setting to tune into the dinner ahead and leave the stress of the day behind.
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